Shot-Cast Episode 11 is here!

This week Cory caught up on some Oscar nominated movies and watched a wedding with his mother. Zeek had another long week but finally has caught up on Game of Thones, so we discuss the last epsiode a bit. Gio watched Arrival and Hell or High Water. and loved both. Next we moved on to some of the latest trailers and Super Bowl spots. Then get into the Oceans 8 movie with an all female cast. The next topic we hit on is The Batman and Ben Afflecks exit from the running for director and who people thing should replace him. Sony also admitted that they didn't do well with the Spider-Man fanchise. Next we move to some discussion of force ghosts in the up coming Star-Wars The Last Jedi and how and if they should do it. We round out the show with some discussion of video games and the newly announced Marvel/Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics game.

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