Shot-Cast Episode 12 is Here!

Since there was no show last week the Shot-Cast crew has alot of updates on what we've been up to since the last episode. Some of us watched Hacksaw Ridge last week and discuss how we feel about it. We discuss Dr. Strange since Gio watched it this week. Cory's mom is watching Game of Thrones much faster than Zeek was able to, and has nearly caught up. Next we moved on to trailers and "Big Game Spots" from the super bowl, which leads us into discussion about, Ghost in the Shell, Avengers: Infinity War, Logan, and Pirates of the Carribean. Then we moved on the the new director for The Batman solo movie. Followed by John Boyega and his part in the new Pacific Rim movie. Then more Marvel talk with discussion of Thanos's grand plan for universe. Next we mull over the potential FireFly reboot Fox is looking into. We then end with Suicide Squad 2 and Mel Gibsons potential role directing.

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