Ep14 “Nah Nah Land”

Shot-Cast Episode 14 is Here!

This week the crew caught up on some gaming. Next we moved on to some trailers from the last week. We discuss the new trailers for Alien: Covenant, Guardians of the Galaxy, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Kong Skull Island, and a couple of Netflix original movies. We then moved on to the Kong Skull Island post credits scene. Next we talk about the bad outlook for The Great Wall and the great reception for Logan from both critics and viewers. Netflix is working on a lot these days and they have a new series of specials from Dave Chappelle the debut on March 21st. Then we discuss the possibility of a horror version of The Wizard of Oz. We round out this weeks show by going over the Oscar winners, losers, and of course, gaffes.

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