Shot-Cast Episode 15 is Here!

This week we started out discussing the new “Red Band” trailer for the movie Life. That lead us into a fan theory for Life being a Venom movie, and the recent news that Venom now has a release date for October of next year. We then move into discussion over the situation for DC films in the wake of The Batman getting a complete rewrite and Aquaman being delayed. Our next topic focuses on some details for the upcoming Star Wars Episode 8 trailer. This is followed up with what we've all done over the past two weeks: Cory and Gio watched Logan, Zeek watched Get Out, and Gio has a new perspective on Passengers. Also, Gio watched Kong Skull Island, which lead us into a discussion over the future of Godzilla, Kong, and their buddies. That segued us into the new Godzilla anime coming to Netflix and the new thumbs up or thumbs down rating system they're implementing. Thor is seen with short hair in the latest images from Ragnarok, and seems to have a new Valkyrie friend. Spawn is getting a R rated, indie horror, reboot, that isn't a superhero movie. We end this weeks show with speculation over what Ego's role will be in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

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