Ep16 “Huff and Puff”

Shot-Cast Episode 16 is Here!

This weeks topics were as follows. We really hope you enjoy the episode!

  • Trailers

    • Captain Underpants movie.
    • Death Note live action trailer.
    • The Wizard of Lies, HBO original with Robert Deniro as Bernie Madoff.
    • Justice League Trailer.
  • Rogue One

    • Now available to purchase digitally.
    • It's story writer was surprised Disney let him kill off characters.
  • How long would it take to watch all of Marvel Comic Universe?
  • Ghost in the Shell actor believes it's the best adaptation of Japanese anime. 
  • Brad Pitt to play Cable in Deadpool 2?
  • Tom cruise is working on performing a major stunt for Mission Impossible 6. 
  • Is Rotten tomatoes a destructive force in movie biz? 
  • Netflix is testing a button to skip the opening credits.

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