Shot-Cast Episode 17 is Here!

This weeks topics were as follows. We really hope you enjoy the episode!


  • Trailers

    • New IT Trailer
    • GoT Season 7 Teaser
    • Valerian trailer
    • Spider-Man trailer
    • New War for the Planet of the Apes trailer



  • Joss Whedon to direct Batgirl!

    • Possible Nightwing solo movie as well.



  • Justice League will be the longest com book movie?

    • It's 170 minutes long?
    • Zack Snyder says it won't be 170 minutes long, it's still being editing.



  • The Irishman

    • Martin Scorsese film, will star Joe Pesci alongside De Niro and Pacino after all



  • Rumor has it there will be an Obi-wan movie announced at Star-Wars Celebration?!?

    • How about a Vader Solo movie?

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