Shot-Cast Episode 18 is Here!

This weeks topics were as follows. We really hope you enjoy the episode!

-What we did this week

   -Zeek watched anime, so we discuss anime services and Gundam series.

   -Cory breaks his neck.

   -Rob watched logan.

   -Cory watched attack on Titan so we discuss it. He also watched the new stand up from Louie CK on Netlfix.

   -Gio watched Archer season 7. He also stated watching some Gundam animes.

-New Mummy Trailer

-Wonder woman projected to have lowest DCEU opening weekend

   -BoxOfficePro is forecasting a 3-day opening weekend of $83M at the North American box office and a domestic total of $225M.

-DC Animated movie Batman and Harley Quinn

   -Kevin Conroy voices batman

-Most annoying tv and film characters.

   -Jar jar binks not #1!?!

-Lion King live action adaptation

   -Production starts in May 2017

-Shrek 5 has been confirmed and is currently in development.

   -Screenwriter Michael McCullers slipped in the good news and added that Shrek 5 is going to have a twist, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter

-Leaked Rumors for Star Wars Episode 8

   -Finn is on a mission for Leia. We discuss how this could play out for the series.

   -We discuss which our favorite Star Wars movie is and why.

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