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This week’s topics were as follows. We really hope you enjoy the episode!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer!

Trailer starts with Rey seeming exhausted from training. Next, we hear Luke saying just breathe and they show Rey as it pans out showing the island. Rey has her hand on the ground and stones start lifting from the ground (force powers?). You hear Luke Saying “reach out.” Luke says “What do you see”? Cuts to leia in front of tactical board you softly hear “help me obi wan”. Kylo’s broken helmet w/ broken glass on the ground you hear “seduced by the dark side” in the background Cuts to books being shined on by light you heard inaudible words. Gloved hand (Luke's hand?) touches old page that looks like Jedi symbol. You hear a light saber being drawn when it fades out. Cuts to, Luke saying “this is so much bigger” camera pans to island with two bodies, Rey wielding lightsaber and training?

Is Luke's quote ref to Rey’s comment on light vs. dark

Ties to “last Jedi”

This Christmas Vehicles flying, releasing red dust from planet's surface,11 AT-AT like walkers in the foreground. Cuts to Finn with his eyes closed in a capsule. Shows Poe running down a hallway (in a ship), with bb8. Seems like they’re under attack, running to an x-wing. The X-wing is exploding in a hanger. Cuts to a tie fighter exploding. The Millennium falcon gets chased by two fighters.

Is Rey in ship? Is Chewie?

Rey running with blue lightsaber. Luke saying “I only know one truth”. Kylo pointing saber, scar down right eye, reflection of his red saber in eye. We see a hooded figure (Luke?) next to r2, falls to his knees in front of a burning structure (possible temple? /Jedi academy). Cuts to Capt. Phasma surrounded by troopers walking through debris (is it the spaceship?) very quick scene. massive space battle Scene cuts to black as Luke says “time for the end”. Shows Luke shrouded in darkness with light entering cave (symbolic?) End- Star Wars the lest Jedi (title in red)

General Snoke New look + implications

Snoke has huge black ring that may even be a kyber crystal, an ornately decorated golden robe, and slippers.

Netflix getting a thumb down

Users thus far are not liking the thumbs up or down

“Jurassic World 2 animatronics and new dino

Apatosaurus and Dilophosaurus

Marvel’s “The Defenders” gets a date

Aug 18th

“Fate of the Furious” Predictions

'Fate of the Furious' Revs Engines for $110M-Plus Easter Debut

Thor Ragnarok Trailer!

We almost forgot it with all the Last Jedi excitement!

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