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   Bay watch

   Alien Covenant: Prometheus Prologue

   The Dark Tower


   Kingsman: The Golden Circle

   It Comes at Night 

-Avatar sequels announced

   Make that Four sequels!

   First movie December 18, 2020, with the next ones arriving on December 17, 2021, December 20, 2024, and December 19, 2025. All four movies are being filmed at the same time, with production now finally underway.

-Game of Thrones spinoffs

   Four spinoffs are in the works. FOUR!!

   Benioff and Weiss on board with RR Martin helping to write two spinoffs.

-Fox Announcements

   -Deadpool 2

    June 1, 2018

   -Dark Phoenix

    The sequel to X-Men: Apocalypse

    Coming on November 2, 2018.

   -The New Mutants film

    Director Josh Boone

    Arriving on April 13, 2018.

-Rian Johnson Asked J.J. Abrams to Change the Ending to ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

   “The big [favor] was, I asked if R2 could come with Rey, and if BB-8 could stay behind with the Resistance,” Johnson says. “Originally it was BB-8 who went with Rey, which makes sense for the story in a way. But I asked, ‘Can you do me this solid and switch the droids?’” -Collider

-Potential writers guild of America strike averted.

   Three year deal reached

-Hackers ransom Netflix

   Threatened to leak new season of Orange is the New Black

   The hacker or hackers, who go by the name “thedarkoverlord,” also claim to have stolen unreleased content from ABC, Fox, National Geographic and IFC. -New York times

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