Shot-Cast Episode 22 is Here!

This week’s topics were as follows. We really hope you enjoy the episode!


-Murder on the Orient Express

   -Basically clue on a train.

-The Glass Castle

   -Oscar material?

-Logan Lucky

   -Looks funny, odd part for Daniel Craig.

-Rough Night

   -Female version of hangover.

-Atomic Blonde

   -Non-Marvel Black Widow.

-The Mummy

   -New trailer and featurette.

-Blade Runner 2049

Top Gun 2

-Tom Cruise is said to call it Top Gun: Maverick.

Comic book shows coming in 2017-2018.

-Defenders - August 18th 2017

-X Men gifted - TBA

-Inhumans - September 2017

-Punisher - November 2017

-Runaways - Early 2018

-Black Lightning - Early 2018

-Cloak and Dagger - Early 2018

-Titans - 2018

-Marvel's New Warriors - 2018

-Krypton - 2018

Wonder Woman nears dark Knight and iron Man on rotten tomatoes.

-Wonder Woman currently has a 93% placing it just 1% below the Dark Knight and Iron Man.

Game of Thrones

 New Trailer 

-Cersei talks of enemies surrounding the Lannisters and that she will destroy them.

-Shows Dany at Dragonstone and claims she will rule the seven kingdoms.

-Littlefinger seems to be influencing Sansa. 

Arya with Dagger

 -Arya shown with dagger that was used to try and kill Bran and framed Tyrion for entertainment weekly

 George R.R. Martin Drops Hints About the Future of 'Game of Thrones'

-Five not four spin-offs.

-No Robert's Rebellion

-No Dunk and Egg

The Batman will feature 3 villains.

-Scarecrow, Joker and Deathstroke.


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