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   Black Panther

       Michael B Jordan, Forest Whitaker, Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis shown.

   American Made

      Tom Cruise and alot of coke.

The Mummy

   Currently sitting at a 17% with critics and a 45% with audience on Rotten Tomatoes.

Alien Covenant Sequel Cancelled?

   It seems like the sequel is being called off due to the bad performance of Covenant at the box office.

   Covenant only made $165.6 million worldwide and only $36 million opening weekend.

   We discuss how it stacks up with the other movies from the Alien universe at the box office.

Justice League

   Reshooting some parts of the Film?

   How will it compare to Wonder Women at box office and with reviews?

Suicide Squad 2

   May begin filming in 2018.

Star Wars

   Last Jedi will have updated versions of old characters.

   Snoke is possibly from unknown regions.

   Lucasfilm also came out and nipped Darth Plagueis theory in the butt.

Tom Holland

    Wants to play Batman or James Bond.

    Wants an Oscar and to direct one day.

Stranger things Season 2

   New twists in store for this new season.

   New monster, and Barb will not be back.

Game of Thrones

    Season 7 reportedly sets record for setting most people on fire.

   Guinness doesn't keep track but some production people on set say it's pretty certain they achieved this.

IT Comes at Night is a “Horror Masterpiece”?

   Initial reviews were looking very good.

Richard Hammond crashes concept car

   Fractures knee but no serious injury

   Will Grand Tour season 2 be delayed? 

Adam West, passed away at 88 years old

   Known for his role as batman in the late 60’s and as the Mayor on Family Guy


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