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This week’s topics were as follows. We really hope you enjoy the episode!

>New Kingsman: The Golden Circle Trailer

-Channing Tatum's character is named Tequila. Plays a Statesman.

-Julianne Moore character is Poppy. Plays a criminal mastermind.

-Halle Berry as Ginger Ale. She is Statesman tech support.

-Elton John as a fictionalized version of himself.

-Jeff Bridges plays Champagne or ‘Champ’. He's the head of Statesman.

-Pedro Pascal(Oberyn from GoT) as Jack Daniels and a secret agent.

-Colin Firth is seemingly alive.

-A third installment planned said by Matthew Vaughn.

>Pacific Rim: Uprising Trailer

-Narrated by the Portal voice.

-It ends with John Boyega in a Jaeger pilot suit and he says “Join the Jaeger uprising.” It sounds extremely familiar to Idris Elba from the first movie.

-Boyega’s name is Jake Pentecost and Elba’s name was Stacker Pentecost..

>Infinity War trailer from D23 for a Limited Audience

-The trailer started with Thor being flung against the windshield of the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship.

-Mantis brings Thor back to life, and he promptly greets our Guardians with an unfriendly, “Who the hell are you?” It then seems like Thor joins forces with the Guardians to guide them to Earth,

-We see the following things go down, in quick succession.

-Shows Scarlet Witch and Vision. Judging from their faces, something sad and bad is happening.

-“Death follows him like a shadow,” we hear, as Josh Brolin says as Thanos is teased.

-Suddenly, Loki appears, grabs the Tesseract, which holds one of the Infinity Stones. Could that be what Scarlet Witch and Vision were seeing?

-Next, there’s a glimpse of Peter Parker on his school bus. The hair on his arms stands up, seems like his spider-sense?

-“He’s come to us,” someone says, as some alien ships crash-land on a wrecked Earth. A worried Mantis stands with Iron Man, Thor, Doctor Strange, the Hulk, and the other heroes as the ships approach.

-“This does put a smile on my face,” says Thanos, as it shows Gamora taking in the wreckage of the room kept by the Collector. More Infinity Stones have been pillaged.

-Then Thanos walks through a portal onto Earth. Star-Lord and Doctor Strange leap into action. Spider-Man swings into the scene, wearing a cool new suit … perhaps the one teased at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming?

-Briefly, we see Black Widow, who’s blonde now, and Captain America, who’s bearded now.

-In the final moments Thanos grabs Thor’s head and looks at him like he’s nothing.

-“You can run from it,” says  Thanos, “but your destiny still arrives.” And then he holds up one hand and seemingly destroys a planet far away in the sky, probably our moon, and throws it at the Avengers in a single shot.

>Shazam movie

-Starts production in Feb 2018.

-Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) is not in the movie, confirmed by Geoff Johns.

>Ben Affleck's Future as Batman in doubt.

-It sadly seems like Warner Brothers plans to write his out or recast.

-These rumors come from various sources.

>Stan Lee is in The Defenders?

-Appears in the Punisher reveal trailer / the extended Defenders trailer.

>Game of Thrones Topics<

>Ed Sheerans Cameo May Foreshadow Cersei's death.

-The song he sang was in the books about Shae and Tyrion, past that now so could refer to Jaime's golden hand strangling Cersei.

-“For she was his secret treasure / she was his shame and his bliss .. For hands of gold are always cold, but a woman’s hands are warm.”

>Other Evidence Possibly Referring to the Aforementioned Prophecy.

-According to WatchMojo ‘3 things you missed’

-Jamie and Cersei are standing on the floor map their respective positions imply her fate as well, Cersei standing on a location known as “The neck” and Jamie on “The fingers” giving credence for Maggy the Frogs prophecy.

>Is Dragonglass the Cure for Gray Scale?

-The boom Sam was reading seemingly said something along the lines of dragonglass being a cure for illness.

-Dragonglass kept Benjen from dying.

-Shireen was cured of grayscale… she was living on a mountain of dragonglass.

 >Comic Con Trailer

-Shows Melisandre speaking with Dany.

-The Tarly’s are in King's Landing and speaking in the Throne room.

-Lord Royce, and the north in general, seem not willing to meet with Daenerys.

-An epic naval battle between Euron and Yara happens in episode 2 or 3?

-The Lannister Army is probably in High Garden and Unsullied are at Casterly Rock (finally we get to see the famous Rock).

-Euron has a new sigil, a slightly different kraken with a bit of red.

>Regular preview for episode 2.

-Possible reunion between Nymeria and Arya.

-Jon choking Littlefinger in the crypts.


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